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Sam Toft

Artist Biography

Sam Toft

Sam Toft lives and works in Brighton, she graduated from Kingston Polytechnic with a degree in Applied Social Science. Five years later, Sam followed her passion and studied art at The City of Liverpool Community College. In 2003 she had a sell out solo show and since then her work continues to grow in demand. Sam is a master of creating a magical world, celebrating and capturing the intimacies and rhythms of everyday life.


In one of her creations: ‘The Mustards’, she unfolds a complete new universe combining art with storytelling.

’Mr Mustard is a kind, simple soul: a professional tuneless hummer who dabbles in hurricane prediction. Violet, the dear lady .wife, is slightly stern, seldom smiles, but is a devil for the the Gypsy Creams. Doris the dog (her majesty) likes nothing more than to lie in front of the fire with a tin of evaporated milk for company, but reluctantly accompanies the Mustards anywhere