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Neil Packer

Artist Biography

Neil Packer

Neil was born in Sutton Coldfield, England in 1961. He spent the first 14 years of his life in Scotland, Wales, The West Indies and North Africa. Whilst in Libya, he first became interested in Art. At 16 he entered Colchester College of Art and qualified as a Graphic Designer as he felt it was the most practical art course to pursue as his real love was illustration. A few years later, he was given the opportunity to change direction when an offer came from Methuen Children's Books who wished to publish a portfolio of his illustrations. All he had to do was find a suitable children's story and produce accompanying illustrations. The book was finally published in 1985. A well known British cartoonist, Simon Bond, saw the book and commissioned a number of miniatures for himself and proceeded to act as Neil's' agent, introducing him to numerous London art galleries. He persuaded Neil to enter some work for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition; this work was accepted and shown in 1987. 


Originally, a water colour, body colour and gold acrylic on paper, was created in early 1988. The view of the 'Backs' is by its nature somewhat broody and overpowering. The trees play an important role with only hints of buildings in between. Some pruning was necessary but all trees appear in their relative positions, as do the Colleges, hence the rather ugly building next to Queens on the far right. Even Newton's amazing self supporting "Mathematical Bridge" is correct as far as possible. One College and its surrounding landscape was worked on at any time beginning on the left.