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Kimberley Harris

Artist Biography

Kimberley Harris

One of my earliest memories was my father, a great lover of impressionistic art, taking my enthusiastic self to a JMW Turner exhibition at the Tate Gallery.
That was it- I was going to paint like this genius day!
Ten years later, I gained a Diploma in Art and Design at college in 2005 and dabbled with Watercolours and pencil drawings for the next couple of years.
I only rediscovered my passion for painting in 2014 after meeting the highly acclaimed palette knife artist David Porteous-Butler.
David introduced me to the use of a palette knife within my work, I quickly discovered the multitude of effects and techniques which can be achieved with this simple looking tool, from foreground detail to creating sweeping skies.

From this point onwards, I quickly developed my own signature style, focusing on the natural beauty of the countryside I am lucky to be surrounded by with an emphasis on colour and light and how one affects the other at different times of the day, my artistic inspiration JMW is never far from my thoughts!
Each painting goes through a lengthy process of layering, blending and palette knife work to get the tone, texture and, most importantly, light just right.
All pieces are sold varnished with the sides painted and Brass D Ring/cord fixings so they are ready to hang.
A personal Certifcate of Authenticity also goes out with each painting for your frame of mind.
I currently sell my work unframed yet ready to hang as I feel framing is down to personal taste/decor.

To date, I have sold 45 paintings with sales around the UK and several making their way across the pond to the USA and Australia.
My success thus far has prompted me to make the career leap and I now do something I love every day and with some exciting opportunities lined up for 2016, I feel very blessed indeed to be a professional Artist, my eleven year old self would be most proud!