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Karen Pittaway

Artist Biography

Karen Pittaway

Karen Pittaway currently lives in Warwickshire. This area features in much of her recent work, the style of which has been linked to Lowry. Karen admits to being strongly influenced by the artist’s style and particularly his palette, which gives a beautifully subdued hue to her paintings, in keeping with the colours on a grey day in the UK. There is lightness to her paintings as the scenes often depict people at leisure, full of incident and activity. She avoids painting vehicles because they detract from the beautiful buildings which are all around us.

Karen grew up in Newnham, Cambridge, and it is this environment to which she attributes her love of old buildings, the beauty of the detail and the scale and proportion so seldom found in modern buildings.

Karen read Art and English Literature at London University, having first spent a year in Paris working and painting. On leaving University, where she was awarded top honours, Karen set up a gallery in Warwick. This came to a head, after fifteen years of running the gallery, when she was asked to do a number of murals in commercial premises around the country. Karen made the decision to become a full-time artist five years ago. Many of her recent paintings have been turned into limited edition prints and cards.